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About Translating Travel

Translating Travel shares travel advice, guides and personal experiences from a seasoned traveller to inspire and help you plan and enjoy your trip. I have been to many places around the world but my biggest trip was spending almost 2 years travelling around South America. It was an incredible experience which I want to share with you. You are in the right place if you want to learn more about why South America is the best place in the world to travel.

Here you can find lots of guides and tips, but you won’t find too much specific information or organised tours, because finding your own way is what makes travel so amazing and rewarding. Translating Travel is about giving you a good sense of direction, but not showing you the way. I wouldn’t want to ruin the adventure for you!

If you are thinking about travelling, read about the Places that I have been to help you come up with your own route. I have an overview page with quick facts for each county: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. This helps to give you an idea of which countries you might like to visit.

Do you already have an idea of where you want to go? Check out my Travel Tips section to help you plan and prepare for your trip. Here you can find info on Activities, Sights, Routes, Itineraries, Getting Around, Accommodation, Packing, Money, Health, Safety and Language Tips.

Need travel advice and info for specific places? My articles share my experiences from some of my most memorable moments and places throughout South America. Check them out here out and feel free to comment.

About the Author

My name is John and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I have travelled in 33 countries around the world and have seen 5 continents (I’m counting Africa but that was only for 1 day!) so I’m going to graciously extend myself the title of ‘Experienced Traveller’, well in the context of South America anyway.

I know how obnoxious it can be when people start to list off all of the countries they’ve been to and I’m not writing this to claim that I’m great in any way. Rather, the reason I’m writing this is to show you what countries I do and don’t have experience travelling in. There are some countries where I have spent several months and there are others where I have only stayed for a number of days, so my experience across each of the countries varies quite a bit.

In 2017, I put my professional career on hold and left Ireland to travel around South America. For the moment, my website ‘Translating Travel’ is focused on this trip and my experience travelling in South America. At the bottom of this page, you can see how my trip panned out in terms of the time spent in each country.

With this information, for the countries that I have travelled through thoroughly and for an extended period of time, you as a reader can have confidence in the content that I’m writing and the information that I’m providing. If I was to call myself a ‘Travel Expert’ for any country that I have travelled to, it would be Brazil. This is because I travelled extensively through this massive, and relatively unexplored country, and seen lots of places that most people, including most native Brazilians, have never been to.

On the other hand, this list also shows that I’m probably not the best source of travel information for the countries that I haven’t travelled through as much. I actually spent more time in Colombia than I did in Brazil, but 6 of my 7.5 months there were spent teaching in Bogotá so I didn’t get to see as much of the country as I would have liked to. So although I spent just over 7 months in Colombia, someone who has travelled around the country continuously for 3 months’ as a tourist might be better able to provide travel advice. Although, living in a country for a while does give you a great insight into the culture that is probably harder to get as a tourist.

I still want to see Africa and Australasia and there are still a huge amount of other places to see across the globe! I don’t think that it’s really realistic to aspire to see every country in the world… I’ve seen some people online claiming this accolade by ‘collecting passport stamps’ in only a few years but it’s kind of pointless if you don’t actually spend some time to see the country and experience the culture.

So my philosophy is to see as much as you can, but at your own pace. Setting a goal of seeing places from each continent is both achievable and makes sense, because it’ll give you variety across your travel experiences.

Anyway, hopefully this gives you an understanding of my experience with long-term travel. I also hope that your experience with Translating Travel is a positive one and that it inspires you to make your own travel experiences in the future, if you’re not already planning them!

My Travel Experience: South America

CountryTotal Time SpentTimes Visited
Colombia7.5 Months1
Brazil6 Months3
Bolivia2.5 Months1
Peru3 Months1
Chile5 Weeks1
Ecuador3 Weeks1
Argentina3 Weeks1
Paraguay2 Weeks1
Uruguay1 Week1