Morro De Sao Paulo, Bahia, Brasil

Quick Facts About Brazil

  • Language: Portuguese.
  • Population: 209.3 million (5th most populous country in the world).
  • Size: 8.516 million km² (5th largest country in the world).
  • Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL).
  • GDP: $1.9 trillion (8th/9th largest economy in the world).
  • Exports: Coffee (largest exporter in the world), Soybeans, Sugarcane and Beef.
  • Political Leader: Jair Bolsonaro (Social Liberal Party – Conservative).
  • Capital: Brasilia (previously Rio and initially Salvador).
  • Tourism: 6.4 million visitors every year, one of the fewest of any country in the world as a percentage of its population. Half of all tourists go to Rio.
  • Natural Wonders: The Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls, The Pantanal, Lencois Maranhenses.
  • Landmarks: Christ The Redeemer, Maracana, Rio, Salvador, Ouro Preto.
  • Food & Drink: Acai, Pao de Queijo, Feijoada, Coxinhas, Moqueca, Farofa, Tapioca, Prata Feito, Fejao Tropeiro, Brigadeiros, Caipirinhas.
  • Music: Samba, Bossa Nova, Pagode, MPB, Funk.
  • Dance: Samba, Forro, Capoeira.
  • Sports: Soccer, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Footvolley, Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Motorsport Formula 1. 
  • Famous For: Friendly People, High Crime Rates, Carnaval, Beaches, Soccer & Samba.
  • Typical Surnames: Silva, Santos, Sousa.
  • Local Slang: Nossa! (wow!).


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