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Choose a Backpack

Choose a backpack that fits you well and is suitable for your style of travel. You might want your main backpack to double as a multi-day hiking pack. Buy a smaller backpack (30-40 litres) to be the most flexible. I travelled with a 32 litre backpack and a 15 litre daypack, so 47 litres total which was more than enough. Unless you need specialised equipment for your work or a hobby, for example cameras and drones, you shouldn’t need 50+ litres of space.

Main Backpack & Daypack

Bring a daypack that you can use around the city, for day trips or for hiking. Having a daypack also allows you to keep all of your valuables with you at all times when you are in transit.

Modular Packing System

Come up with a packing system that is organised, easy to manage and quick to pack and unpack. Use packing cubes, or even better, compression sacks, that help you to keep your pack as compact as possible but also remember that this doesn’t reduce weight!

Pack Light

Pack lightweight clothing such as Merino Wool or synthetic materials. Merino Wool is great for all climates and dries quickly.

Only Bring the Essentials

If you follow the first step in this article and buy a smaller backpack, this will help you limit your impulsive self and only bring the essentials! Make a packing list to help you prepare.